Welcome to the online home of the alumni association for former students and employees of LUT university Industrial Engineering and Management - Kaplaakin Alumni ry.  Membership connects you to a huge network of former Kaplaaki ry. members and people with other material connections to LUT IEM, as well as a vast pool of talent and experience in everything IEM! The association strives to facilitate both valuable networking and professional growth.

Kaplaakin Alumni connects as many LUT IEM alumni as possible. There are more than 4000 MScs, and a significant number of BScs, former employees etc., that we try to reach. Various events, including afterwork sessions, informational and training events and recreation are arranged every year. The crown jewel is Täyskymppi ( alumni meeting for those that started studying X*10 years ago ), which attracts members across the decades. Täyskymppi is also an opportunity to update one's knowledge on LUT University, LUT IEM, Kaplaaki (IEM student association) and The Way of The Teekkari - student culture as of today.

Kaplaakin Alumni hosts a Linkedin group with a steady flow of e.g. career opportunities as well as info on various events. Also trainee and diploma worker positions can be shared to be relayed to current students via Kaplaaki.

Membership criteria: having studied industrial engineering and management in Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT, or its predecessors, including students of IEM, IEM BScs, IEM MScs and IEM DScs, as well as persons currently or previously employed by LUT IEM. Kaplaakin Alumni board may also consider applications by persons with other material ties to LUT IEM.

Membership fee is 20 €, one time fee only, to be paid at the time of joining. All applications (please see form below) are processed by the board every 1-2 months. Qualifying candidates are invoiced for the membership fee, and after payment accepted as members by the board.

Current campaigns

Cohort contact persons wanted!

We are looking for contact 1-2 persons per each starting year of GMIT, IEM BSc in Lahti and other English-speaking forms of IEM - in Kaplaakin Alumni lingo "The Cohort Royals".

The aim of Kaplaakin Alumni is to reach as many LUT IEM graduates as we can, and grow as a community of professionals. We are looking for people who can help us keep in touch with different generations of LUT IEM graduates, including international (former) students. If you are interested to be that person who can expand our network with people you are still in touch with from your LUT times (or know someone who would be up for the task), please reach out to us at alumni(at)kaplaakinalumni.fi . 

100 IEM interviews

We are cooperating with students from Kaplaaki to collect at least 100 stories of the varied and wild careers of LUT IEM alumni. We are starting with an online survey, and expanding some of the stories with (totally voluntary) interviews later. The interviews are carried out by current IEM students - an opportunity to share experiences over time!

It likely takes 10-20 minutes to fill the survey, unless your career story really must start with "Well now, grab a cuppa and sit comfortably..." Huge thank you for sharing!

Please click here for the survey

Recruit a member!

If you know a LUT IEM alumnus/alumna that is not a member yet, please facilitate becoming a member! Kaplaakin Alumni will reward you for a successful recruitment with a refreshment at our Afterwork event. That is in addition to eternal gratefulness by both the new member and the association.


Reagardless of you current membership status, please join the flow at Kaplaakin Alumni Facebook and Kaplaakin Alumni LinkedIn group.  Many of our events are members only, but we strive to connect every LUT IEM person on planet in the network.

Please contact Kaplaakin Alumni at : alumni(at)kaplaakinalumni.fi

Kaplaakin Alumni  cohort contact person status (update summer 2022)

Please do not hesitate to become a cohort contact! There is no burden, and no obligations except for the humble wish by Kaplaakin Alumni that you would try to reach out to all your cohort members and let them know of our alumni network. Even when there is already someone on your cohort, at least two persons per cohort would be valuable to ensure contacts even after decades. Please let us know via alumni(at)kaplaakinalumni.fi !