Kaplaakin Alumni ry. is the alumni association for former students and employees of LUT university Industrial Engineering and Management.

The association was founded in 2012 to facilitate networking, professional growth and enjoyment amongst all LUT IEM graduates. Since 2021, the association welcomes also non-graduated LUT IEM people, LUT IEM employees and other persons with material LUT IEM ties.

There are nearly 350 members as of Fall 2022, in addition to which the association has active communication channels to several hundred LUT IEM alumni, the whole IEM department at LUT, and current LUT IEM students. However, this is just the beginning - there are more than 4000 LUT IEM MScs, and adding other possible membership basis, the number is way higher. We will not rest before each and every one of us has at least had a contact and a chance to consider joining! Since LUT IEM is the largest IEM actor in the Nordics, we can happily say that we have a fast moving target.

Please take a closer look on our events, join the Linkedin group or contact the association for any questions. We would love to see you join us soon - both in events and as a member!